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For our professional brokers, the operation to buy a house is an easy thing. But for first-time investors to invest in real estate in the United States is a headache, you will have too many questions can not be determined, for example, what are the restrictions? What are the buying process and steps? What documents need to be prepared and how much the title tranfering might cost? What is the rate of return on investment? Where to buy a house? Buy a luxury or a city apartment? How long it takes you to rent? How much can you rent? Your questions may have different answers on the Internet, but you do not know that one is right for you especially if you are not familiar with the area, and you will hesitate, may be a misleading detours, so we are actively open the "Buying a House in United States Conference", is to hope that our practical experience for many years to provide the most realistic information to help you in the United States to buy home, in which the road is unimpeded, do not take the long route. Whether you are looking for a comfortable home for your child or preparing for a future home, or investing abroad to create profits, from buying and selling is our specialty, we will help you realize your home ownership dream. Let's make home buying experience with worry free, asssurance, and satisfaction.

Realty ONE Group founded in 2005, we have a very rich experience in the real estate business in the United States, we know that as a buyer, many worries and concerns may occur due to a great decision will be made. We willing to carefully and thoroughly shallowly answer all your questions and tell you all you should know about the knowledge finding your dream home. The goal is to help you find your dream house within the time limit, often in the shortest possible time. After a long period of experience, we have established a highly efficient process, usually in seven to fourteen days will be able to help our client to find their dream house. I personal guaranted your home purchasing experience will be a smooth transaction from selecting, looking for housing, negotiating prices to closing escrow. We are confident that we will provide you with an unforgotten experience for you. We sincerely hope that our professional ability and successful experience can be widely shared to all customers.