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In the US and foreign's real estate market, there is a fundamental difference, that is, their housing system. In foreign, there is no uniform housing, each real estate company, only to sell their own company's house inventory, or with a small number of good relations with the exchange of housing, but the scope is very small, very limited. It is precisely because of this situation in China, so that they become more and more in real estate transactions, but also cause the flow of information, resulting in opaque due to the real estate market is not standardized, the transaction quality decline, the buyers spent money, but bought Not satisfied with the house. In the United States is the opposite, the United States has a housing sharing system MLS (Multiple Listings System), each of the brokers with their housing information, transmitted to the system, all listed houses in this system and shared by all brokerage agencies. This way is to help buyers quickly and accurately find their dream house.

The MLS system is part of the regional brokers' association, which covers a range of agents in the same area where the MLS system can see all the listed houses, which also extend to allow buyers to see the housing information. So that you do not have to find a lot of brokers, or find a lot of real estate companies, or find a lot of various sites, a variety of media advertising, but you only need to enter the MLS system you want to find the conditions of the house, All the houses are in the market currently for sale and this will meet your conditions searching for a home

MLS System is a system that consolidate all the real estate market information, and many of MLS systems are expanding their covering areas, which allows brokers to receive more new and updated information to present to the buyers.

In the United States there are hundreds of MLS systems, owned by the National Realtors Association (NAR) publishing all houses in, forming a national housing platform. This platform agent can be used and buyers or sellers can also use it. For those looking for availability in the market, MLS plushing all houses in is a faster and more practical platform.

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